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10 Dollar Tree Skincare Items You Must Buy


Dollar store products use to be cheap and lived up to the name, but not anymore. You can find almost anything from party decorations, candles, pictures, clothing items and food at the dollar tree. Below is a list of ten skin care items that are tried and true products, and the best part is they're only $1.00,




  1. Spa Naturals Vitamin E. Beauty Oil - It comes in a 4 oz bottle and            will give your skin a softer, smoother look. The product received 5 Stars                from customers.




  1. Revitalizing Facial Brush- This facial brush is soft and perfect for dry brushing your face. This brush is great for exfoliating your skin, removing makeup, and cleansing your skin.




  1. Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment- Great for all skin types. It's hypoallergenic , protects and soothes the skin. Controls dry skin , chapping, cracking , flaking and roughness.




  1. Microfiber Spa Facial Scrubbers , 3-ct - Great for removing makeup, cleansing your skin, and exfoliating with the webbed side.




  1. Global Beauty Care Charcoal Nose Strips, 3-ct - These Charcoal nose strips are great for unclogging your pores, removing blackheads, and leaving your skin feeling refreshed in just 10 short minutes.


  1. Pears Transparent Glycerine Soap - Made with high-quality natural oils. It has a mild cleansing formula that is gentle on all skin types.



  1. Assured Cotton Rounds, 80-ct - These cotton pads are 100% pure cotton. Great for adding facial tones, serums, removing makeup and nail polish.


  1. Nature's Best Flea & Tick Shampoo - It's made from all natural ingredients, and will keep your dogs skin soft and ad free from pests.


  1. Personal Care Ultra- Rich Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin - Creates a thick lather and rinses clean for a close shave.


  1. Personal Care Baby Love Baby Oil - fast absorbing , soothes and moisturizing to the skin.






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