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Unveil the true potential of your skincare routine with our Mint Refining Toner in the exclusive 16 oz. This professional-grade toner is crafted to deliver unparalleled freshness and refinement, making it an essential component of your spa or salon treatments.

Enriched with the invigorating essence of mint, this toner offers a revitalizing experience, awakening your skin with a refreshing burst. Its natural astringent properties help to refine pores, leaving your complexion looking smooth, toned, and impeccably refreshed.

The generous 16 oz is designed for professional use, ensuring that your clients receive top-quality skincare treatments every time. Elevate your spa or salon services with this toner, providing your clients with a luxurious, refreshing sensation that enhances their overall skincare experience.

Experience the difference with our Mint Refining Toner in 16 oz, offering a rejuvenating touch that revitalizes the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and refined. Elevate your professional skincare services and indulge your clients in the ultimate spa experience.

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