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Celebrating National Skincare Month

Celebrating National Skincare Month

Nov 10, 2021


Barbara Neely

It’s National skincare month, and my question to you is, “are you happy in the skin you’re in?” Skincare encompasses so much more than just a dewy, flawless complexion. It starts with the outer because that’s what’s seen first. Things that give that beautiful glow, flawless skin come from many things, such as drinking enough water, eating lots of fruits, vegetables and fish, inner peace, comfortable with yourself, and your spiritual walk. Being comfortable in your skin will radiate from the inside out. If you are at war with yourself then you will be at war with others. Take this month to clean up your skincare routine and build your inner self. True beauty and being comfortable in the skin your in comes down to loving yourself, flaws and all. Im here to help you start your journey to healthy skincare, and encourage you to be your best self. 

“Confidence Breeds Beauty”

Estee Lauder 

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